St. James School – term has come to an end

Greetings from St. James Primary School!

Indeed we are so happy that the term has finally come to an end. it was a long term since the ministry of education extended it. We are on two weeks break. Hope next term will be shorter.


All in all we thank for taking us through the term. We had various activities in the course of the term. The pupils managed to visit a few places in the Central and Rift Valley provinces for educational trips. The teacher’s prepared for poems in both English and Kiswahili and we had a good day as a school.


Finally, the prize giving day crowned the term.  On behalf of the former class 8 (now form ones) who were the main reason for the price giving, Trevas Kamau extended his gratitude to all the donors for the support you give to our school. Specifically, he mentioned the food that enabled them study well. Additionally, the school environment was condusive not to mention the books and the good teachers that are supported by you.

It was  good to hear that despite leaving our school, they still look back with gratitude. Attached are a few photos for those days.

Sr. Catherine