Unwetter in Kenia | Storm in Kenya

Liebe Leser,

Mitte Mai ist ein schweres Unwetter über Juja gezogen und hat großen Schaden vor allem am TATI angerichtet. Schwester Dominica hat ausführlich davon berichtet:


It is Tuesday afternoon and my headache has persisted so I think that I am either having malaria or needing a rest. I decided to pass by the dispensary on my way home from TATI and I am told that my blood pressure is very high and that I needed medication. I assured the nurse that I would not take medication but a good night’s rest would be enough to cure me. I actually kept my word and bade my sisters good night at 7.30 pm.

No sooner had I put my head on the pillow than I heard a frantic voice

“Sister, things are not alright here. We have had very strong wind and heavy rain and the entire roof from the chicken house has been blown off and some of the iron sheets have been thrown as far as the gate!”


I desperately needed to rest but this had come to an end just like that. My right hand man Mr. Hausi was in Kisumu so I had to act fast without my usual helper. I immediately called the two drivers to run at top speed to TATI to see what they could do to save some laying chickens. I gave orders to the night guard who had called me to mobilize his friends to move the now shivering chickens to the ground floor.

The drivers arrived and told me that the situation was bad as there was no power either. The entire Juja area, including our house was in darkness. All the boys in the boarding place had been awakened by the banging roofing sheets and they too joined into the rescue operation. When I asked whether they had lit the charcoal stoves to keep the soaked chickens warm, I was told that we needed to buy charcoal as there was little at school. It was 9.30 pm by now the driver came back to Juja and started knocking at people’s doors as all the shops were closed by then. A Good Samaritan sold us one bag and now Sr. Sella and I joined the driver back to TATI.

Sliding in the mud with our torches we could not restrain our tears at seeing the soaked and shivering hens which were huddled together.

The charcoal fires were quickly lit and soon there was some warmth in the house and slowly some chickens came back to life while others slept never to feel the warmth and never to wake up. We secured the 117 trays of eggs. In the pitch dark night we watched helplessly. There was no way to assess the damage. We had done what we could and we ourselves began to shiver from the cold. At 2am the two drivers, Sr. Sella and I drove back to Juja in total silence and in shock, each with their own thoughts. No sleep could come so Sr. Sella and I headed to the Chapel just to be in the presence of the Lord as we had no words. Who was to blame for the disaster?


Before 6am we were back at TATI and what we saw was too shocking for words. Our tear glands could not hold back. I took pictures and tried to assess the damage. Forty seven chickens had died. It was a miracle that not more had died. Sr. Sella and I raised our hearts to God for sparing some chickens.

Broken roof because of the storm

Sturmschäden | Storm damages – iron roof sheets blown off

broken roof

Sturmschäden | Storm damages


As soon as the students, workers and teachers arrived, we had an assembly where I briefed the school of the happenings of the previous night and asked that we all help together. In a briefing with the teachers, we strategized on what and how the school would help. The cooperation was wonderful. The roofing sheets & the timber that were blown off were gathered by the students. The soaked saw-dust had to be cleared and some minor repairs done to ensure the safety of the four less affected hen houses. Anti-stress medicine was bought as well as more charcoal & charcoal stoves, spades and other tools to expedite the clearing job. One class room was cleared in case we have to shift the chickens.


At 3pm the work had to be suspended as the rain again fell mercilessly. The day had come to an end abruptly but everyone was dead tired. As for the counting of how many iron sheets were blown off and damaged, and how much timber was damaged, this can only be done later and a comprehensive report will follow.

On the main building of TATI, a few roofing sheets had been lifted and the new shelter for the bus was partly damaged. Also the entrance to the offices lost some ceiling boards. The paw paw trees in the quadrangle of the school had all been beheaded.

As you will see in the pictures, the roofing sheets & feeders were thrown as far as the maize field and beyond. In the neighbourhood, big trees were uprooted, housed damaged and even uprooted.

We cannot comprehend why we suffered this damage when we are barely making it. At the end of March, on 29th as well as on 3rd April, 2016, the administration had sat down with the teachers to strategize on how we could improve on the management and operations at TATI. A number of committees had been formed to see to the various areas of concern. Just last week we were blessing God for the new bus donated by Rotary Clubs Weissenburg, Roth and Beilngries of Germany. Little did we know that misfortune was around the corner!

It is heart breaking and indeed very discouraging but we must soldier on, trusting that the Lord who has conquered all things, will see us through this ordeal as well.

The sad thing is that in as much as rain is needed for our crops, but we have great concerns now as the rain has not relented since Tuesday night and we fear that there may be more damage to the chicken house. We keep praying.

Sr. Dominica Mwila OP

Date: 19.05.2016

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